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Juro -
The unfortunate reality is that Washington anglers do not seem to be very interested in CnR opportunities for salmon. Sure many don't mind letting fish go as long at the end of the day they can take their limit home.

There have been wild fish released (marked fish only) seasons in a number of areas however for the majority of the anglers these aren't reality CnR fisheries but rather fisheries where the price the angler has to pay to access some fish (fish in the box) is releasing the unclipped fish.

Topwater may have a different spin on the situation but I would say that at least for Puget Sound the interest as expressed at the NOF process for CnR salmon seasons has declined in recent years. I would say that this year there was only a 1/3 as many people attending the meetings whose agenda I would classify as CnR as say 3 or 4 years ago. The reality is that the angler community that take part in the NOF process are those that determine what sort of fisheries we see within the limits of weak stock impacts.

Since I haven't fished the straits in years don't have any advice on where the best place for your conclave would be.

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