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Washington State is limited by treaty to having no more than a 10% impact on the upper Thompson coho. Anyone who has spend much time on the Thompson likley has seen the problems that those fish face in the Nicola and Coldwater -trashed habitat, water withdrawals, and elevated temperatures. Interestingly the imapcts in Washington fisheries is higher than in Canada - this year 10% impact in Washington and 3.5% in BC. That is with selective coho fisheries in the straits.

The fisheries that catch the majority of those Thompson coo are those in the northern part of the ocean, the straits and San Juan Islands. Surprising few are caught in fisheries in Marine areas 8 through 13. In fact I would not be surprised if more Thompson coho are caught in a week in Area 4 than for the entire season in areas 8 to 13 combined.

As I recall there will be monitoring of the Neah Bay catches in season and the status of the season in relation to the quota should be available on WDFW's web site and unless I miss my guess Topwater will be watching the numbers pretty closely. AS mentioned by Topwater the length of the season will likely be dependedt on the amount of effort.

I do find it a little interesting that folks are more than willing to participate in a mixed stock fishery that contains Thompson coho which clearly is in as much trouble as that basin's steelhead yet in recent years demonized fisheries that caught incidental Thompson steelhead. As always fisheries management in general and the fisheries manager's job in particular are pretty complex and the success of either is dependent on the view point and values of the individual making that judgement.

Topwater -
The "savings" on Thompson coho for Puget Sound occured mostly in changes in the commerical fisheries in the San Juan Islands. Re-shaping of the open areas, delay of the tribal chum fishery, foregoing some commerical pink fishing, etc.

Wishing all a productive and safe season on the water!

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