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Simplest answer? Breeder reactors. The breeder reactor is an excellent way to produce electricity by nuclear fission because it has a process that changes the waste into fuels that can be fissionable. This would make energy almost limitless from a fuel standpoint. The problem lies in that they are illegal in the US. The second fissionable byproduct is very concentrated and considered "weapons grade", meaning it could be used in a bomb if it falls into the wrong hands. Now I for one am confident that if we put a little thought into this, that we can figure out how to make this work. BUT, there are too many people on both sides who just complain too much without having the propper education. Fusion is a promising alternative with no waste, but it needs work and research, which needs funding and so far nobody is gung-ho about fitting the bill. There is an experimental reactor that has been mathimatically proven to work scheduled to be done by 2015, but I think we need to move a little faster on this.
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