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i just want to tell you my "french" opinion.
perhaps you know that France has already choose the nuclear comment.
My country has also choose to treat nuclear **** that are produce by nuclear central all over the world, it's a big businness for a group called Areva ( it has sponsored the french boat at the last Americas cup.
You also certainly know that USA is the country that produce the biggest quantity of green house effect gaz, far from all other countries (excepted China).
You also perhaps know that USA ( George BUSH) has refused to sign the KYOTO Protocol which goal is to decrease the quantity of green house effect gaz produced in the country who has signed the protoco.
For example China has signed this protocol, so USA is the only one industrial country to not have signed this protocol.
At KYOTO, BUSH said that "american way of life is not negociable".
So USA, continu to send **** in the atmospher, that causing "un réchauffement climatique" .
If we consider the atitude of USA facing the problem of global warwing ( that also affect the us: more and more cyclone, warming up in Alaska...) if i were you i won't bother care about the nuclear option in your country, the nuclear **** produced will be send in other country like France.
So keep it up, keep going driving with big 4wd or Humer, keep your american way of life till you will have stolen all the gazoline of Irak, and don't keep in mind the global warming ....keep your president that is so involved with petrol industry...
keep polluing the word...
it is time that amecican people act as ecological responsable person.
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