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We switched over to the Pig Tail lights last year, they have made a difference on the light bill and thats a good thing, enviromentaly and economicaly.
I saw a blurb on the Nukes in China they are supposedly smaller and more cost effective to operate.
The big problem coming down the track at the speed of light isn't as much about our ability to conserve (although we should) its about the explosion in the middle class in Asia and India and South America they are all about to launch into the same cycle of consumer driven economic expansion that we have been on for some time.
I heard a report that radio active waste from a nuke in France was encased in Glass and stored under a school building how is that possible ? Are there different kinds of radioactive "debris".
I could have driven the 2 hours to go fishing today and fished some very marginal conditions but with the price of gas as high as it is I elected to work in the yard and watch the Mariner's with my wife (the #1 Fan). This high price of gas is similar to the idea of putting a heavy tax on gasoline to get people to consereve. Painful medicine and I'm sure it will hurt some segment of the economy but will create a boom in some other part where an idea person says hey what if!!!!
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