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Just a FYI -
From further down in the article referred by Leland:

"Neah Bay (Marine Area 4)

July 1-Sept. 18: 12,667 coho sub quota. Open Tuesday through Saturday, two fish per day, only one of which may be a chinook. Chum non-retention during August and September. Release wild coho; minimum size for chinook is 24 inches; minimum size of coho 16 inches. Chinook guideline: 4,300; chinook non-retention east of Bonilla-Tatoosh line beginning Aug. 1. Closed to salmon fishing July 1-Sept. 30 inside the area bounded by a line from Kydaka Point to Shipwreck Point. "

The Tuesday to Saturday seasons were an attempt to extend the coho fishery. With only a 12,667 quota and full blown fishery (7 days/week) it was not expected to last through July. By fishing 5 days a week they hoped to have the fishery extend into August. The limited coho fishery has virtually nothing to do with the winter tribal troll fishery. Rather it is constrainted by the need to conserve Thompson coho and to a lesser amount the Columbia late coho.

Tight lines
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