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Nuclear option!!

A number of years ago Ted Turner told me that because dams were so detremental to the enviroment we should be looking more seriously at Nukes for electricity.
This is being brought up more frequently as of late more in line with curbing the Green House emmissions associated with burning hydrocarbons. Personally I have an open mind to many of the options that are available to us from conservation to other alternative methods.
It is widely reported that the world consumption of energy based on "third world" modernization will grow by a minimum of 60% over the next decade this will cause a much larger spike in the green house effect and maybe it is time to at least start a dialouge as to the safety and utilization of Nukes.
I read that in China they have a promising new technology that allows safe and much smaller plants to produce electricity at a fraction of what it cost to subsidise and operate dams and there construction. An open mind is a terrible thing to waste.
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