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Loomis also offers a complete setup-rod, line, reel- for around or a little less than $200.00. There is also Redington and St. Croix who offer rods for around $00.00 give or take a few dollars. All the reel really needs to do for trout fishing is hold the line and have a clicker to keep the spool from overrunning when stipping line. You can find reels that do the job for under $50.00. In fact, there are some reels on the market that will do the job for around $30.00. TFO is another good rod for around $150.00.

I lived in Montana for 12 years (althugh I now live in WA State) and know the Missoula area rivers well. I'd recommend a 9' or even a 10' 6 wt. The Clark Fork is a fair sized river (as you alrady know), especially west of Missoula, the Bitteroot is not exactly a small river, and the lower Blackfoot is also not a small river, which means the 6 wt will fit the bill very well. The 6wt can cast small flies and the larger stonefly nymphs and in a pinch, it can be used for pike up on the Flathead on the rez or is some of the lakes nearby (I know it can be used for pike because I used a 6 wt at times for pike when I had forgotten to put my 8 wt in the car). The 6 wt is also not too big to use on the Jocko up on the rez or the many creeks (such as Rock Creek) upstream of town.

There is a fly fishing club located in Missoula and although I don't remember their name, they should be easy to find by simply stopping in one of the several fly shops in Missoula. One of the best things you could do is stop at the local fly shops (there is one right on Orange and another right downtown that are good) and talk to the folks there. Tell them you are new to fly fishing, looking for a decent fly fishing kit, but can't spend more than about $200.00 for the complete setup. I'm cetain they would be able to help and have something in stock that would meet your needs and price.

Additonally, the folks in the local fly shop will be able to help you with fly casting (most shops offere some free instruction if you buy the rod from them), knowledge of the local waters, and flies that work on local waters. There is no need to hire a guide. I'm also very sure that there are many folks in the local fly fishing club who would be more than happy to take you out and show you how to fly fish.
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