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can anyone help?

I came across this site, and found it really helpful for filling me in a bit with info, but i thought i'd post to get people's opinions directly.

Im british and have recently moved to montana. In the uk i fished mainly baitcasting, but did a little unsuccessful fly fishing in Wales as a kid. Having moved to Missoula, MT and living right next to the Clark Fork I thought it was about time I tried again.

Can anyone suggest a budget set-up for me to start out with under $200 (im hoping i have more success than in my youth, but dont want to push my luck quite yet)? What do the reel functions mean, and what should i be looking to get? The river behind is widish but id like to try some of the other rivers around. There are pike round here to, would a trout rod be too light to go for pike?

Locally it appears quite a few people come here for guided trips, and pay a lot for instruction... I cant afford that, does anyone know a local club to missoula of enthusiasts that might help to give me a few pointers?

thanks for your time
best wishes
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