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Hey capt-gordon...

All my experience with TFO rods is in the context of spey casting where the 12'6"-6wt and 8wt two handed rods work very well with spey lines like the 6/7 Delta or 6/7/8 WC and the 7/8, 8/9 Delta or the 7/8/9, 8/9/10 WC respectively.

I have overhead cast the 6wt model with an 8wt single hand line and thought it worked pretty good. I think it will also cast a 9wt line well. I see no reason why one of these rods with some shooting heads or lines like Airflo's 40+ would not make a great combo for the fishing you have in mind.
How you get the line out and fishing is personal preference so as long as it works and is easy no one should care but the caster. MSB

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