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The "Ways"

If you are going to take on a project, what ever it might be as it relates to fish of any kind and there ultimate survival, the hope would be that you would carry on that particular action with the best intrest of your prime objective in mind, namely, THE FISH!
Common sense would dictate that any action contrary (ie, LACK of fish survival) to one that takes the best intrest of your prime objective, ie the fish, in mind would be COUNTER PRODUCTIVE!
It don't make a hill o' beans difference who the he** is behind it! If someone is he** bent on screwing with the fish stocks for monetary gain, and don't give a rats behind what they leave in there wake.....I for one am going to call a spade a spade!
If I saw someone who was involved in a less than scrupulous activity down at the river, or sea shore, or lake, I would'nt care if it was Geo. W, or John K., Gen. Sherman or the bloody local constable, I am going to make a stink. WHY HAWK?
'Cause folks need to be held accountable! The Fish Farmers, The Commercial Fisherman, The Sport Fisherman, Me, You, EVERYONE!
'Cause if everytime some crap was started like this, and everyone just threw there heads back and said "Ah well, la-de-da, whatever" there will be NO fish left, NO clean rivers, NO flyfishing, NO flyfishing forum!

Conservation Works! Activism Works! Instead of beating each other up for what side of the isle we might stand, lets put our heads together for the common good of THE FISH!!!
I yeild the Soapbox


Oh yea.....The Ways......RIGHT WAY, WRONG WAY!.... I mean correct me if i'm off base here
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