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I love putting politics into science; it makes everything so clear. From the sounds of this thread and others recently, I'd say some on this board are like the good ol' boys down South who are still fighting and moaning about the Civil War. Jeez, get over it already! The Whineocrats couldn't field a candidate who could beat Bush (twice) and continue to try to insist that they had the right choice... How many more decades do we have to listen to "That dang old Sherman, he didn't have to burn his way..."

It's hypocritical in my view to be whining about federal control now when that is the prime tenet of the Democratic party. Bush tried to turn over habitat issues and ESA protection to the states--Whineocrats didn't like it then because it took things out of federal control. Now when the feds want to control something-- in this case ocean farming-- the Whineocrats are complaining about things not being in state control. What do you want, federal or state control of resources? Pick one and work with it; you might actually accomplish something instead of beating your gums.

Support of commercial fishing? Let's talk hypocrisy-- the one industry that has done more to destroy salmon and steelhead runs in the Northwest than any other. If you don't believe me, look at the history. There are few, if any, benevolent commercial fishermen. They are into one thing-- making money. It's obvious that the commercial fleet is killing wild steelhead in the Columbia, not to mention killing ESA salmon. And some of you support that? Let's put more gill nets in the river! That'll help the runs recover.

Take the politics out of discussions that are involve science and policy, and you might be able to really discuss the issues that are involved. You might actually get some current facts instead of information that is decades old. But then you wouldn't be able to whine, right?

Some of the discussions lately remind me of a Trout Unlimited meeting I went to where the discussion centered around the planting of tiger muskies in Mayfield. One guy actually stood up and said that if the tigers were planted, they would escape and spread all up and down the Columbia system. Never mind that tiger muskies can't breed, and the plant was limited. If you let your emotions or politics rule your discussions, you're going to the main points...and Bush will still be president.

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