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I would recommend you always tie on a section of tippet to your leader especially if drag free drifts are necessary - I will often tie on 24 to 36 inches of tippet to get a good drag free drift. Also by tying on a tippet every time you cut off the fly you are not shortening your base leader - if tying a fly directly to the leader you will run out of the tippet section quickly and get to the tapered section.

Do not step up - transfer of energy does not work well if you have a heavier section attached to a lighter section - if you have a micrometer, just cut back your leader to the correct diameter and then rebuild it with your spools of tippet material. So if you have a 3x leader and want a 2 x leader cut it back so the diameter is at least 2 x and tie on a section of tippet that is 2x
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