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How do you guys get those "stick on" eyes to........stick


Stick the eyes on and then coat the front 1/2 of the eye and the head in front of the eye with Loon Hard Head, 5 min., epoxy or some other high build adhesive. (Ill post a close up of the head later) I think that less is better with this stuff, because the more you put on the heavier the fly gets. I have never used Goop in fly tying, well thatís not actually true because I heard that Flexseal was nothing but thinned out Goop or Shoe Goo.

With respect to the swim test. I rigged up about a Ĺ dozen of these flyís with wire leaders and took them out and cast them in the lake (thinking maybe there would be a super early really hungry Tiger lurking nearby) the flyís did sit in the water upright, but once I started to strip them back they would ride on their side, so I the next batch had a little lead wire wrapped on the hook under the body, now they swim great.

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