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Industrial Aquaculture is no different than Industrial agriculture. Doomed to failure by taking more from the earth and her oceans than it produces. It has no intention to feed the third world nor could it. Only small scale local farming and very localized aquaculture and localized fishing can feed the world. Every attempt to do other wise has failed, example, In the 70's the fertile Island of Bali was sold a bill of goods called high yield rice. They planted it and for two years they had huge crops then the soil failed and it took 8 years of hunger and hard work to get soil back where they could use the traditional ways and feed their Island population again.

Salmon were ment for a seasonal harvest and a harvest for a localized market. I support a localized commercial fleet one that takes only what the oceans can give safely. People in Kansas do not need to eat Salmon to live. I'm tired of the first world wanting to satisfy their taste buds at the cost of out stripping our worlds lands and sea of every thing that reproduces life. When it takes 15 times the amount of calories to get a product to market than the product gives out in life nourishment then we are out stripping our earths resources at a rate that means future failure world wide.
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