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Exclamation Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water....

If you thought the recent research from inshore fish farms and the affects of sea lice might be a significant chink in the armour of fish farms...

Fish Farms Go to the Open Oceans!!!

All you Gulf Coasters... Be careful what you wish for....

What scares me more, however, is the precident being set of fish farming in the open ocean... Not just in the Gulf of Mexico off the Gulf Coast, but our north Pacific and Atlantic backyards as well. As noted in the article, fish farms up till now have been regulated relatively locally, by states/provinces. In taking it into the open oceans, and National waters (as opposed to waters with state/provincial jurisdictions), local control and influence is all but lost. I gave Pescaphile some s**t in the other post about the federal government, but I'd join him in being VERY concerned about Federal Government control of fish farming in the open oceans. They ARE further removed and even less sensitive to input from concerned citizens and sports-folks, and even MORE influenced by the back door $$'s and influences that unofficially direct this (and every) administration and congress.

And we think there are problems with existing fish farms successfully containing their fish in pens, in the relatively sheltered inland/inshore waters?? Wait until we start seeing massive floating fish farms out in the high seas!! That's the making of a nightmare!!!

my "favorite" quote from the article - in response to concerns of polution associated w/ these fish farms... expert...

Treece said, who believes the Gulf's strong currents "should take care of that," he said. "The solution to pollution is dilution, and that's what you got out here lots of dilution."

Think he was also refering to the concerns over hatchery fish and their genetics infiltrating and "diluting" wild genetic stock???

Species listed as already farmed - cod, flounder, redfish, salmon, halibut, haddock... Other species I could see going this way - striped bass... Watch out all you east coaster's.....

Did i mention the Shrub is actively behind and supporting this proposal?????
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