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why build...

Take the best rod that you have and pick out the things you would do to change it if you could. Add to that the satisfaction of knowing that you built the rod that you are catching your fish on. Mix in a little (kill some time with things you like doing), and a dash of (pride and accomplishment) and you have just a few of the reasons. Can you do this for a hobby? of course Can you do this for a living? you betcha. But most of the rod builders and rod makers I know do this because they love doing it, they enjoy working with their hands, and have a "real job" that they go to every day. Can you get more for a custom built rod than a shelf rod? Sometimes you can. In my case and many others I am sure, I sure don't do this to make money (thank the Good Lord). I do it because it is almost as enjoyable as using them when I can.
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