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Packaged knotless tapered leaders typically are available in 7-1/2', 9', and 12' lengths with tippet sizes 0X to 7X. The 7-1/2' is usually reserved for small streams and the 12' for larger streams or drag-free, dry fly presentations. For an 8' rod, a 9' leader would be a good compromise. A rough formula for tippet selection is to divide the hook size by 4 (i.e., for size 12 hook, use 3X tippet). Another rule of thumb when joining tippet sections is to stay within two X-sizes. For instance, when stepping down from 4X, go no lower than 6X for your next lower section. For most PA trout fishing, tippets from 3X to 6X should cover most applications. Night fishing to large trout or swinging large wets may require 2X or stronger. I rarely need to go lower than 6X, even for midge fishing.
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