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Originally Posted by juro
Well I respect a good debate as long as it's civil and friendly, and I agree that the vast majority don't (directly) do squat, but please allow me to ask you a question -

who cares more about fish than C&R anglers then?
I don't know who cares the most. I don't think it's a question that we can answer. I suppose I'd say the amount a person cares is reflected in the amount they do on behalf of the fish -especially those that could make more money by doing other things. Actually, some of those who care the most in therse parts are (gasp) commercial fisherman. Of course there is the rape-and-pillage variety of com fishers too -just like their are in the rod-n-reel crowd. One of those helped get southeast Alaska as a defacto catch-and-release for steelhead was a commercial fisherman who is directly responsible for the deaths of more salmon, halibut and black cod then most of of us could ever imagine being able to hook.

I can tell you one party who sure doesn't seem to give a damn about fish and that is our federal government. They've been trying hard to promote a steelhead harvest fishery here in southeast Alaska for subsistence and they are using all their (our) abundant resources to do just this. And this is mostly on tiny streams with annual runs on the order of only 50 fish or so. Right now, I can legally go out and snag native fish and the only reportig of the harvest is on the honor system. Of course, if I can't find my snagging gear I could just use a pitchfork to legally spear these fish. The state is resisting but its tough to fight those with all that money and resources. It's all about power and politics.

Thanks for taking my post in the devil's advocate context in which it was made. I've been expecting someone to lay into me about calling poor ol' Deerhawk a hypocrite.
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