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NPR audio - good piece...

Juro - thanks for providing the link to the NPR story. I was fortunate to hear the broadcast coming home the other night. I thought the most compelling evidence of the problem was the capturing of smolts emmigrating out of the river and going past the fish farming operation. The fish captured and examined before the trap had no evidence of these lice. When fish were captured after passing the farming operation approximately 100% of them showed that they had the parasitic lice. Bad news not only for the fish from that stream, but when the congregate with other fish from other rivers in the ocean - then they pass along the lice to these other fish. So it is just not an issue that is limited tp a specific river's fish.

Anders - care to provide more of your opinions, or elaborate a little to your post. From first reading it would seem like you are trolling for conflict, or have another agenda. Why shouldn't Deerhawk be concerned over the issue? He (like the majority of the rest of us) are concerned when there is an issue that can impact wild fish stocks. I may not fish for wild pacific salmonids, but I still value them. If there is a specific issue affecting their ability to survive, then that should be looked at and addressed. Just because we recreationally fish does not mean we cannot offer our opinions on the issue. The money raised from our recreational license fees/fuel taxes/taxes on hunting and fishing gear is what contributes to the managment agencies ability to study these issues.

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