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Animal Abuse

So lets discuss this topic, I'm game.....
As a responsible Angler, my very basic premise when I am enjoying this sport, and I do LOVE this sport, is to treat each animal with the utmost care and respect.
I practice 100% Catch and Release, in an effort to keep our dwindling fish stocks in check.
I am regularly involved in projects that help promote the natural structure that the fish lives in, stream restoration, clean-up,etc, and continuing education of all individuals that will lend an ear about the SUPREME importance of a balanced and sustainable fishery. If you came to my home state of Oregon, I would be glad to have you come along to some of the most pristine Blue Ribon, 5 Star flyfishing anywhere on this ball we call Earth! I would take you to, and make you understand how important they are! Most of which, I might ad, have been saved from sure destruction by the efforts of myself and other like minded individuals that would think nothing of leaving behind there gear and pick up a shovel or trash bag to spend a day MAKING SURE that these streams and rivers in this already fragile e co-system stay sustainable!

In the past I have asked for representitives of the Fish Farming Industry to step forward on this forum or any other in an effort to see if there might be even ONE that might be doing things right. But so far......SILENCE!
If I even thought that there was one out there I would be glad to give them the benifit of the doubt. But Anders, the truth speaks for it self. These Farm Opperations cause huge ecological problems everywhere they get set-up, THAT is the bottom line!
If you think that catching a Trout with a hook and line is tantamount to animal abuse, then neither I nor anyone else will change your mind about that, but it does make me wonder why you bothered regestering on the Forum, are you not an Angler yourself?
For years these problems have plagued this industry, for years the storys keep comming. When will the ABUSE of these animals for profit STOP. Do you hold the answer Anders? Do you know some responsible Fish Farmers that are doing things right? I am passionate about how I feel in regards to the fish, because quite frankly, the poor bastards need people like me and others here on the Forum to stand up for them. Do you share that same passion, Anders?
I look forward to your response.

I remain.....HOT
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