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Clouds of Lice!

"Clouds of Lice" infected juvenile Wild Salmon "for nearly 19 miles" around a farm that is only 1/8 mile (aprox 800') long. That makes the "Parasitic Footprint" 150 times larger than the farm itself!
150 times? What in the blazes are these people thinking! Where the he** is the government?
Look, 4 years ago posts were being made here (see FFF archives) talking about these same problems. Obviously, no one in the fish farming industry or local governments is doing squat to address this! Imagine the implications and damage that has been done to the Wild Fish stocks, WORLDWIDE, over the last 4 years!!!!!
And the killer here is the fact that, this problem has been around for alot longer than that!
Countless articles have been written, dicussions have ensued, subjects have been tossed back and forth. And people in high places still call it "Fear Mongering"

So I will repeat my stand. The only thing that will bring some change to the, IMHO, "Brutal Assault" on Wild Stocks by Fish Farms, is to STOP purchasing fish products that are Farm Raised! Tell everyone you know, and have them repeat the story to someone else. I have had good luck with this strategy. People get turned off real fast to fish that they might think have had lice on them at some point in the past.
And that brings up the last point, cause its these poor geneticaly modified fish kept stuffed in these cages that suffer the most damage. They don't know any different! Imagine what would happen to someone in any one of these countrys that was found with a couple thousand cats or dogs stuffed into a cage, for any reason! they would be hauled off to jail so fast for animal abuse it would make your head spin!
IMHO there is no difference between the two.

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