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Canoe's and Spey casting


Have been following the thread and can see now that I was a bit quick with my response. Actually, not really quick, just not precise enough in my response. It was silly of me to think that all anglers fish out of 26" cedar strip canoes like we do here on the Cascapedia River.

Each canoe has two guides in it, a head guide (down stream) and anchor man (upriver end). The anglers are seated between. Perhaps now you can see why in OUR case, it is dangerous, other than an overhead cast, which is not true spey casting, I dare say, is dangerous. Too many factors like wind and switching casting sides to think about. Why do I say it is dangerous??? I have not only seen people try it, experienced anglers at that, I have tried it, and at some point in all of the sessions that I have been through, the anchor man, or rear seated angler eventually gets tagged with a fly or part of the line.

Perhaps if you were alone in a canoe / boat, things would be different, or, if you were in a smaller craft it might work better.

I just wanted to clear that up so that you all do not think I am some sort of dweeb for trying to save a few eyes from being stabbed by errant casts!

Besides, isn't is a heck of a lot more fun to cast while wading with a two handed rod? More freedom of movement and besides, they were designed for wade fishing not boat fishing.

To each his own, I guess... best to you all!

P.S. Juro, did you get my private message a week ago?
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