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Moose -

Well said. If you haven't already, you should forward your comments to Airflo.

A little background:

After trying the shorter head prototype, I found that putting a large (e.g. very large) wind-resistant fly on the line and relaxing the stroke threw the line very well and for a long way without running out of runway, but not all situations call for that approach.

(This makes me wonder if tying a l-o-n-g leader of very stout butt down to 20# tippet (commonly used on the beach) would tame the turnover and create the opportunity for more integration of monofilament into the line loop.)

Anyway when I put a more commonly used 6" saltwater fly and gave it any kind of stroke acceleration to overcome wind (a constant on the beach) the short head ran out of room per recent discussion. I provided feedback consistent with your findings to Airflo.

Airflo quickly responded with the longer head length per the description we see in their catalogs. I have not received my longer head samples yet either but having a lot of experience with Airflo multihead 35ft and 45ft heads I am completely confident that they will totally rock when such a head with the right grain load is fused with that killer running line. I heard they are supposed to be available in April; I'll check with Tim. This is good timing as the striper fishing on the atlantic gets really cooking in mid-May.

BTW - Tim also commented that they are coming out with a thinner version of that running line which I would really like to try. The one on the "beach line" sits in the stripping basket like a faithful bird dog but I am always looking for a shooting line edge, if the thinner one also lays well in the basket then it's the best of both worlds. And talk about low stretch!

So in summary my feedback was consistent with yours. A longer head length was the eventual design decision from Airflo (per the catalog).

Side note: I believe the holy grail would be a short head that does not run out of runway over 120+ft of distance because:

- it strips closer to the beach
- rolls out easier
- less susceptible to high dunes and beach grass (obstructions)
- supports sight fishing better
- defeats wind easier

I wish science would prove that it's possible to design a short head that could hold a loop for 100, 120 even approaching 150ft casts. However I think the laws of physics are the limiting factor not taper design.

I will post here as soon as I can get samples of the longer head lines.
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