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The demo line I have came via Red Shed, and Mike had called Rajeff's the day I asked him about the line (a week ago) and they sent it to him, brand new, clearly never used before I got it. Clear intermediate head, 29' 6" 552 grains. The construction and materials are top notch and yes, I love the running line, but the head length issue needs to be resolved. I think 35' would be a minimum, and if they wanted to style it specifically for the Atlantis like they advertise, it should be a 40 foot head to allow for the extreme distances the rod is designed for. Airflo lines are my absolute favorite for both single and double handed rods because of the tapers and slick line construction, but they have really had some issues recently with quality control over things like head lengths not meeting advertised specs and loop to loop connections that hinder a smooth energy transfer.

So close, yet so far!!

I hope they can resolve this, because they are closer than any other line manufacturer to having the ultimate off the shelf fly lines, IMHO.
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