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Question New to Flyfishing; Several Questions!

Hello all, let me start by saying tersely how I was introduced to this fine sport.

Every year, usually, my family takes a trip to Colorado to go skiing(and I myself partake in snowboarding). Well, I'd had a longstanding interest in pursuing flyfishing at some point already, because my father had once lived in Denver(I'm in Texas) and had a nice rod/reel combo somewhere, so when I saw a pamphlet for a day-long flyfishing trip/learning experience, I was thrilled to try it. My father and I went out and had a lot of fun with it, I was sparked in my interest, though I caught no trought on Gore Creek in Vail(if any of you know that area, beautiful area).

I came home from the trip and immediately ran to several sporting-goods stores to find myself a cheapish, but decent, little combo set. I bought one of those cheap plastic-wrapped combos; when it came down to it and the rod broke, the reel I could not get the backing to hold to, I went out and ended up buying a nicer rod around 40 bucks, and a pre-rigged reel for about 30. Got myself an assortment of flies that to me resembled what fish seem to go for in our humid, bass and sunfish-laden area.

Now: I've had some fun, including a day where(they seem to bite at anything!) I caught 7 sunfish out of this tiny, tiny creek by using a small popper mostly as a no-action dry fly. Heh, funny. And excuse me, one of them was a tiny striper.

So I'm starting to wonder about wet flies/nymphs and I know I've bought several already; I won't worry about tying right now.

How am I going to go about fishing a wet fly, for one? Also, I haven't been able to find any strike indicators, all they sell around here are the regular little plastic-ball bobbers. They make too much noise for my taste; how could I perhaps make a small indicator myself with no special materials?

Further: Summer is indeed coming, I suspsect soon enough I'll want to dig again into my wallet, go to a more respectable shop like Bass Pro Shops(which for me is a good long way away, so I haven't been able to go there yet) and actually get some decent equipment.

Anyone know of some solid reel/rod combos or reels and rods that I could put together for under 200, 300 bucks? I suspect for that much I ought to be able to get a good setup, no?

Also, how might I entice a bass with a dry fly? I've had trouble getting the few largemouth bass in these little streams to go for anything.

Please, feel no need to condescend to me; though I am but 17, I will understand(or be able to look up) even the most remote terms of fly-fishing use.

Thank you all for any help!
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