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Need help sizing shooting head to spey rod.

Hello. I have a T&T 1307 that I would like to set up with a shooting head system for moderate beach fishing duties mostly in the great lakes. I plan to remove my river line - mid spey 6/7 and affix with loops a SA intermediate sinking running line and 30' sinking heads. This will be exclusively for streamer fishing. I know this is not what this rod is designed for but I think it will work just fine. Now, according to Rio's information the Scandinavian shooting head that matches the rod is a 7/8 which weighs 500 grains. The recommended overhead casting weight for that line is 380 gr which equals 32 feet of that line (it gets cut). Now what my cheap self would prefer to do is transfer that to a standard shooting head. Your help and experience is much appreciated.
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