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but the scenery's great
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Yellowstone Jubilee

The Thorofare region of the park is absolutely spectacular that time of the year. The weather and runoff is obviously a huge factor for that time of year, but if we get an early runoff and if the snowpack stays below average on the caldera, you might be able to get in that time of the year with a minimum of residual snow on the ground. I backpacked into the Thorofare valley from the park side about five years ago the second week of July, and it was one of the harder packs of my life but well, well worth it. There are tons of side streams up there that are packed with cutties, and we got lucky with the runoff and had epic fishing. If I were going to do it again, I would enter from the Teton Park side and go over two ocean pass. That way is about the same distance wise, but is less undulating and has a more established trail the whole way. I've heard of people hiking in in one full day. That's pretty manly (about 18 miles), but doable, and the fishing could be unreal. The stories you hear about fish every cast and 20" all over the place are indeed correct, if timed right. I know there are numerous outfitters that go into the Thorofare region and could horseback you and your gear in then pick you up a few days later. If you have that kind of time and fortitude, and the elements look right, you will be in the game. Have fun whatever you decide to do.

Heart Lake in another good one and is less strenous (about five hard miles). I have done that, but I believe it might be closed until July 15th. Huge, huge fish and one of the highest bear concentrations in the park. Nothing like the extra element of death in your fishing. We don't have nearly enough of that. Enjoy yourself.

The Winds will likely be out of the picture at that time year, particularly for anything in the interior. The foothill streams might be ok, but I would imagine that they will be running high that time of year. The earliest I've been able to pack into the Winds is the second week of July. They are above average for snowpack right now so I would probably save that for a late July/early August trip.

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