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Question Motor on a Zodiac?

A friend and I are thinking of getting a Zodiac or similar boat in the ten to twelve feet range and putting a motor on it for use in the Skeena country next fall. We would be using it on the Bulkley, Copper, and so forth. I saw Pete Peterson with this sort of set up a few years back so I know it is a doable thing, just don't know how big a motor we need to be able to propel the thing back up river to get back to camp. We talked to a boat salesman at DownRiver here in Denver but he said he had no clue as to how much motor we need to be functional or if you can buy a jet drive in the smaller sizes for this application. According to what he told us, the motor needed is what drives the size of boat we need to buy. I am hoping someone here will be able to fill me in or point me to a source where we can get some good info.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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