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Setting hooks on steelhead

I had a chance to do some high-sticking for steelhead recently using a 5 wt 10' (TFO) rod and heavily weighted stoneflies, mostly size 12 and 14. I had a bunch of cases where I'd feel the hit, set the hook, have the fish come up to a headshake and 'spit' the hook. I now wonder if my 10' 5 wt was too light to set the hook properly. I did switch to an 8 wt and it didn't happen again, but I didn't hook enough fish to conclude anything decisive. So I thought I'd throw out the question here? Is a 10' 5 wt too light to adequately set the hook on a steelhead?

And please, let's not turn this into a discussion of whether a 5 wt is too light to fight steelhead.
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