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I will agree that there is potential to muck up a fishery here in this Ammendment 6. We should pay real close attention to what is science and fact as opposed to finger pointing and rumour. I am troubled with any language in the documents that is based on an economic assesment as opposed to a stock status assesment.
I am wary of any slot limit that allows 2 (or more) fish to be taken. I am wary of the fact that ASMFC appears to be concerned about the negative impacts to the "valuable recreational fishery" when addressing increasing the size limits. I feel that as an advisory commision, they should be recommending what is good for the stock and not what is good for the economics of the industry. I feel that rec hooking mortality is not getting the attention it deserves. I feel that increased recreational effort has not been curtailed or even measured effectively. I believe that commercial discards are underreported and underestimated. I also believe that the commercial man has been held to a hard TAC unfairly, as the recreational harvests have multiplied considerably.
I will open a thread on an individual issue, separate from this general discussion as we all have much to type about.

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