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Just for the record, the EEZ goes out 200 miles, as it was originally adopted to prevent foreign boats from fishing out places like Georges Bank back in the 70's when the Magnuson Act was passed.

Since bass are mostly an inshore fish, they are regulated primarily at the state level through the ASMFC and its member groups.

Openin gup the EEZ is just such a bad idea I don't even know where to begin. The last thing we need is to expand the fishery because no matter how you define the regs or quotas, the lack of enforcement will mean that the more legal areas there arre to harvest bass, the more bass will be harvested, especially big bass. I could go on and on, but I won't.

This document is seeking input on a TON of data. I printed it out and have been reading it on the train ride home from work, and thinking about it just gives me a headache. In many ways it is great to see they are considering a comprehensive re-tooling of the management plan, complete with a more global ecosystem approach among all the states and including predator/prey relationships etc....the down side being there is greater room to f*&% the whole thing up as well.

Splitting this up for discussion is a good idea. It's pretty hard to come up with equitablereasonable allocations of a resource among user groups--clearly what we want is not what VA will want, and then there is the whole comm/rec. thing.

I feel very strongly about the EEZ issue, as well as getting the entire coast down to a one fish per person per day. Nothing burns me more than reading The Fisherman, and seeing people hoisting up two 20 lb. dead fish. Who needs two fish that big???
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