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The EEz is the Exclusive Economic Zone. 3-12 miles out) Basically federal waters and since Striper fishery is state run, harvesting bass there is off limits. Closed in 89 I believe, but never reopened.
Predator prey I believe is regarding forage fish and the relationship to striper biomass.
In asking for the amendment 6 PID make sure you ask for the new updated 4-11-00 one NOT the draft version that came out a couple of months ago. I have a copy. If you cant get one email me and I'll copy it to you somehow. Maybe Sean's scanner ?
What is IMHO ? I've seen it but dont know what it is .
How do you feel about threads on these Ammendment 6 Issues here ? They are all somewhat connected to each other, but to go into them and the related responses might need a thread for each. Your site so its your call.



Tim I like YOUR slot limit ! It will save fish, unlike the ones that continue to allow two plus.
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