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RE:ASMFC is the place to go you can download the document there or call and they will send it tou you. The eez is what they call the federal waters beyond state jurisdiction I think it's 3 miles offshore. I believe discards are short fish returned but assumed to be alive at the time of release. In my veiw what the fishery lacks now and will continue to as long we have the current limits is trophy fish 50 plus pounds. In order to have big fish you must release big fish. There are so many people fishing with such sophisticated gear and instant information on were to fish that very few fish are allowed to reach trophy size. If you look at other fisheries that have trophy fish like Tarpon and the big canadian Lake trout fisheries they all have one thing in common they release big fish and they get trophy fish in return. We here in Mass take the largest amount of big fish therefore we can have a direct impact on the management and future of them. What would be nice is a limit like one fish between 34" and 42" anything over 42" would be released by both rec and comm fisherman in fact it would be nice to see a maximum of 42" or something around there along the whole striper coast. This way if a striper managed to run the gauntlet past 42" they would be put out to pasture so to speak to grow old fat and happy. This in turn would make me very happy to know I would have a resonable shot at catching a 50 or 60 pound striper on a fly when I am old and fat.
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