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After seeing it here and reading the postings, I tried a variation of this fly last nite in size 12 (for no particular reason other than those hooks were abundant).
Abdomen - Krystal Flash
Body - Green Floss
Thorax - Sparse Dubbing (your choice, I used a lt. color)
Hackle - Partridge (again, sparse)

I used Krystal Flash for the abdomen, no rib (should have in hind sight!), green floss body, and partridge hackle (sparse) They came out pretty good, I'm dying to see if they'll work! My body abdomens only go to the hook point vs. to the barb, ie more simliar to a true soft hackle trout fly. (no reason for that other than I read it in a book once...) I tied a simlar fly w/ copper wire bodies and a small dubbed thorax with partridge hackle as well. We'll see....

Is it tough to post pix of flies? Ive never done it before?
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