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ASMFC - Public Input Needed
Amendment 6 to Interstate Fishery Management Plan

In May, the ASMFC will accept public comment for the reauthorization of the coast wide Striper Management Plan. Items for consideration are broken down into 7 issues that will affect the future of this fishery. Please take the time to know the issues and respond in writing, fax and email to :
Robert Beal - Fishery management Plan Coordinator
1444 Eye Street NW, 6th floor
Washington, DC 2005
Phone (202) 289-6400
Fax (202) 289-6061
The issues are listed as but not limited to:

1. What are the appropriate management objectives for Amendment 6 ?
2. Should the management program differentiate between coastal areas and producer areas with dual size limit standards ?
3. What is the fair and equitable allocation of the striped bass resource between jurisdictions and between user groups ?
4. What are the appropriate targets and reference points for the striped bass fishery ?
5. Should the current planning horizon for striped bass be changed ?
6. Should the EEZ be opened to Atlantic striped Bass fishing ?
7. What other issues should the Commission address through Amendment 6 ?
a. Hook and release mortality
b. Improve commercial discard estimates
c. Predator / Prey relationships
d. Treatment of Albermarle-Roanoke stock
e. Quality fisheries
f. Any other policy, management, scientific issues

Please post your takes on these issues, both pro and con, here so we all may understand the varied positions we individually have.


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