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Hi Guys,

I spoke with several Capt's and they said the flats are wadeable, but they are low tide flats. You have to wade thru deep water to reach them at low.

Someone mentioned that the beach from the lighthouse around to the hole was staked off last year due to birds nesting. They were not sure if it was the same this year.

Seals or no seals I personally would go for it. Just for the experience!

I walked 2 miles out today off N. Monomoy all the way to S. Monomoy-West. Creeks were loaded on the dropping!(site fishing)ONLY GO OUT HERE IF YOU ARE WITH SOMEONE WHO KNOWS IT! Fog rolls in and you could be bye-bye.
Fish have been in the lake on the S. end of N. Monomoy for 1 1/2 weeks.(clear Int. lines w/ long flourocarbon leaders to 12 lb.) S.E. channel off N. Monomoy on the drop had good #'s fish (fast sinking lines w/ clousers) N. tip of N. Monomoy has good #'s of fish in channel and some site fishing as they leave the bowl on the N.W. corner into the channel on your tide. Normally on the drop the west side is slow. It fish's the best on the incoming.

Please!!! This is F.Y.I. ONLY. I normally do not post this detailed info. Im sure you all can understand that this is how I make my living.

Best of luck!

May see you all Friday eve, before the sharks get ya!

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