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The good news is that there really isn't a bad single hand 3-4 wt rod in the $200.00 price range. Granted rods in this price range don't have the cosmetics of high end rods and don't have the engineering of the high end ones; but unless a person has been fly fishing for several years and has the skill to get the most out or the high end rods, he isn't really going to be able to get everything out of the high end rod anyway.

Take your pick of brand in the $200.00 range because all of them are good rods. I would recommend you seriously consider staying with a 5 wt though because you mentioned you will be using it on larger rivers as well as smaller spring creeks. The 5 wt will make casting longer on the larger rivers easier. And personally, I'd get rid of the Shakespeare after you get the new rod because you are going to find yourself not using it anyway.

The "low end" Loomis rods are really pretty much the old Loomis blanks the company made when it got started up back in the early 80's. They are very good rods and at one time were considered to one of the best available. They even sold for pretty much the same price then and they are being sold for now, which makes them a good value. The Lefty Krey TFO rods are a new design made in Korea and they are also very nice rods. The cosmetics are not the best, but they are very good casting rods and a great value.

I can't emphasize enough that you really ought to go to a fly shop or two and test cast several of the rod brands you are interested in. This way you will get a rod with an action that suits you best and you will be better off and happier in the long run as a result.
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