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Talking Fly rod setups and brands

undefined Hey, this is my first post for this website, and I have read a lot of replies to other similar topics regarding a beginner setup. I have a Shakespeare 8.5' 5 wt. club right now that I have had decent luck with on small to larger streams. BUT, I am at the point I know there are better rods out there, that actually bend past the last three guides, and are light weight, etc... I have gotten very used to my rod now, after just maybe one full season, but, man, there are a ton of fly rods out there from names I've never seen to names I know I can't afford. Are there any brands to stay away from, or any suggestions from people that have been in the same situation? I can't really go over $200 for the rod, and I have found a lot in that range, I just don't want to get a rod and have to replace it or parts on it after a season or two. Does anyone have experience with the lowend G. Loomis setups, or the Lefty Kreh setups, or any other suggestions of brands that may not be the typical, Sage, St. Croix, Cortland, types I might run into. I like fishing spring creeks to larger rivers, and I am wanting to size my rod down to a 4 wt. 3-4 piece, because I like backpacking and do a lot of that as well. As mentioned, I have a club for lakes, and larger rivers out here. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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