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Rod blank comparisons

I've been toying around with the idea of a fly-rod designed specifically for kayak fishing over deeper water. The challenge, as I discovered in Baja, is the lack of lifting power in traditional fly rod blanks combined with the fact that you are only six inches above the water surface. With a standard 9ft 12wt rod, even getting a small tuna to hand is a major issue and "high sticking" is unavoidable - tuna inevitably end up directly under the boat. Big fish over shallower water are less of an issue since there is less scope forn them to "sound".

What I'm really interested in is comparing blanks rated for AFTM line classes with other blank designs - spin rod / bait casting etc. I have found a list of grains/grams/ounces equivalents for the AFTM scale up to 12wt. How does that comapre to the casting weight ranges specified for a spin rod?

For example:

A 12wt rod rates 380 grains (+/- 12) = 24.62 grams = 0.86 ounces. How would a spin rod blank rated to cast 1/4 - 3/4 ounces perform with a 12wt line?

Now I know there is a lot of pure science in rod blank designs (taper, graduated wall thickness, "modulus" etc.) and the physics of casting a flyline versus a weighted object - but I'm not looking for a distance casting rod - this is a Kayak rod. The first prototype will probably be around 7ft in length. I can cast a 9wt line 60ft with the tip section of my old 10ft spin rod so I know there is plenty of scope here.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has done any comparisons or has first hand knowledge.

I already have a good idea of the blank I will use but thought I'd get a few more ideas first.
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