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Originally Posted by smallmouth

Is this line specifically designed for moving water drifting as in drift boat, canoe etc.? I'm guessing that it sinks as soon as it hits the water. I'm also guessing that this type of presentation could also be made using weighted flies. What do you think? You mentioned that you really enjoyed using this line. Thanks for the input.

No, it's not. I also use it in lakes from my kayak's both casting and trolling. It's just that a 200 - 300 grain shooting head type sink tip will really get down. Because of this on smaller, less flow rivers you will be striping line as it goes down and accross. It is ideal for this. Put it this way if you don't have a Streamer Express yet, I would get one. Everyone who posts likes them. It is specific but you will like it greatly for that. B.T.W. like a shooting head you can cast a country mile with them but, with the handling belly it handles better.

For a regular sink tip you can always just loop on 12' of type 3 or 6 shooting taper material anyways.
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