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Winter Lines

Today was below freezing so I had a go with the DT-10-I + Polyleader. The water was full of slush and chunks of ice so decent casting with this fairly light line was damn near impossible. Every sweep and D-Loop caught ice and I couldn't tell if the poor turnover was due to the ice or the Polyleader being too much for the line.

To make matters worse, the Ebay seller told me this line was an intermediate. If it is, it's the best floating intermediate I've ever seen.

Tried the Q&D Skagit line in the same conditions and the density of the head + the shortness of it, simply overpowered the ice.

Round one to a looped WF Spey.

However, I didn't shoot any line so the "loops drawn through iced guides" problem was never tested.

BTW, dark lines absorb sunlight and don't get very iced up.

And it's almost impossible to hang on to Polyshoot XT running line with frozen fingers.

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