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Like has already been said, the rocky can be difficult to find not crowded. That is agood river to fish in nasty weather, during the week or in the afternoons after the major crowds have left. I only fish it a few times a year because of its popularity and easy access. You mentioned the vermilion river, thats where i fish most. The river doesn't have the crowds of the rocky minly because of two things,1) being no where near as many fish and 2) the access isn't quite as park-walk 15 feet- fish. The river can provide some very nice days on the water. If you are interested in a gudie I can get you some info on a really nice group of guys to get out with. Not trying to deter you from that but if you already have the skill, just wait for more consistant weather patterns and they will come fairly easy for you.
Right now the only thing I have been fishing has been egg patterns under an indicator. Pink has been a hot color this year so far. With the cold water you want it near the bottom.

Pm me if you would like the guide info.

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