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It (they) has arrived:

Aquanova didn't send me one, they sent me two.

I've verified that the taper is indeed 15' and the line weighs in at 240 grains at 30' so it does match the AFTMA rating for a 9 wt.

For comparison purposes, this DT 9 wt. with a 15' front taper weighs:

240 at 30'
384 at 45'
480 at 55'
576 at 65'
672 at 75'

The line should be suitable for 7 wt. two-handers. The line is 90' long so it's not intended for humongous distances, rather it is intended as a short to middle range fishing tool.

I will keep one to use as a demo line during our casting/fishing get-togethers and the other I will circulate by mail. We have about 15 guys signed on so if we can keep it moving quickly, everyone will get a shot at it.

I'll be enclosing an evaluation sheet with the line with the following criteria. Please reply by email (the address will be enclosed).

=> Rod(s) used in the evaluation
=> Finish/construction
=> Casting qualities
=> Turnover qualities
=> Floating qualities
=> Fishing qualities
=> How does it compare to typical WF spey lines?
=> Would you buy one?
=> Would an intermediate version be useful?
=> Would an fast sink version be useful?
=> What is a fair price?

Thanks for your help.
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