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Suckers have begun to enter the Rocky (and other rivers) so you might want to try using a Sucker Spawn fly. Egg patterns, woolly buggers, and small nymphs are also being used. You need to get down near the bottom so split shot, slinky, sink tips, etc. as well as an indicator (bobber) are being used.

The meat guys are usually on the river early (dawn) so going in the afternoon you might see smaller crowds. Be prepared, the fair weather fisherman have not been out yet, so if you think it's crowded now, wait until the weather improves. Also, there are not a lot of fish in the river yet, so when the run starts that will bring out more guys. The Rocky is getting to look like any PA stream with the crowds.

Learn to read the cliffs and bank structure, these give you a good indication of where the holes are. Contrary to popular theory, (at least on the Rocky) the fish are not always in the fast water. Since most of the Rocky is in a public park there are no secert holes, just walk it and you'll see where guys are fishing. You need to explore and find your space.

If I can help let me know.

Jim T
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