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RE:Any Suggestions?

To clarify, I haven't fished the tip of PI yet.... this year! Sandy Pt is a state beach area and since the rest of the island is off limits to protect shore birds it will fill up quick. Getting there at dawn is the best medicine.

On the point, they usually cordon off the rocky reef to the north east of the parking area. This really pisses me off because one can walk in the water to fly fish effectively. Actually, when I called Monomoy Wildlife Refuge they said I could walk in the water anywhere - even in restricted areas as long as I stayed in the water. I wonder if this is the same for PI / Refuge?

The rocky reef at the tip of the island is as close to a sure thing as there is for schoolies and occasional big fish (off hours, night). I have the best luck there on incoming tides near full.

Sand bars (change every year) extend off the sandy pt beach heading toward Crane's / Ipswich River mouth, providing breaks for fish to station behind... but the best action is a mile or so down the beach at Sunet Beach and it's structure near deep water. If the tides moving the fish get all excited and hunt around, but we've found them laying around on slack tides on the shoal between the points. Almost like Florida fishing.

Best thing to do is hop on a boat and fish the bars and shoals upriver from Sandy Pt, which is effectively the opening of the passage between Joppa and Cranes, the backside of PI. This is a mixing pot of warm PI River water and shrinky-dink Ipswich water with bright water and feisty fish as soon as the water warms up elsewhere (ie: upriver).

Crane's provides night access by registering w/ Ipswich town hall for a fee of 250. That's two dollars and fifty cents! You have to walk in from the outside gate, but once the dog days roll around the stripers love that cold water and it often provides great fishing opportunities in beautiful surroundings. I enjoy night fishing there because of the hardness and cleanliness of the sand. It lights up nicely on a partial moon allowing use of profile flies against the sky as well as dark sand eel patterns against the sand.

The current situation appears to be that bait has moved into the Merrimac river and the action is upriver... for now. Once the river turns to beef barley soup the fish will be thick around the refuge again.

Anybody been out there yet this year?
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