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opening weekend

This weekend was our opening weekend for early trout fishing in wisconsin. It is a catch and release season, using only barbless hooks on artificial lures....not really a big deal for the fly fishermen, we do this anyway. I was suprised to see all of the life in the river this early in march. There were still snowbanks on the river, and I even managed to get my car stuck in the snow when I was parking! I was expecting to go out and fish streamers for the first week or two, but when I got there on saturday, there were larva all over the rocks and black stoneflies hatching. I have never fished this early in the year, and was amazed to see the river so alive. I caught 4 browns my first day out, all on a beadhead nymph. On sunday i caught 3. They were taking stoneflies off the surface, I was unprepared for a stonefly hatch and the best I could do was throw them the darkest dry fly I had, which was a royal coachman. I had one take it right away, and caught my other two on a nymph. I was fishing the mecan river, upstream of the hwy 22 bridge.
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