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Haven't had any problems with short hits on squid flies, but maybe it's because the patterns I tie have the hook pretty close to the eyes. I tie 5" versions on a tiemco 911 and have revently developed bigger versions to about 9" on a tube, with the hook back aft by the eyes.

another thought-- most every time I've been able to see a fish hit a squid fly, it happens from behind. When bass are hot on squid in the rips you often see them chase across the rip, popping them right up out of the water (it has to be one of the coolest things you'll ever see bass do...) I like to fish squid flies parallel to a rip, so they swim across the trough in the second or third curl. Fish tend to track along behind them. having seen this so often I never felt a need to include a hook up forward.

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