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Quick & Dirty Skagit Line Recipe for the GLs

Take one Rio Windcutter 9/10/11 floater and one package of Rio 30 ft. T-14, cut and add loops -- and voila, a crude Skagit line.

  • Measuring from the tip of the Windcutter, cut off 15' and throw that piece in a drawer.
  • Measure another 10' and cut that off.
  • Measure another 5' and cut that off.
  • Take the 30 ft' of T-14 and cut it into 5', 10' and 15' pieces.

Add the loops of your choice.

Whip differing coloured thread onto the loops so that it's easy to see which loop goes with which.

For shallow runs, match the 25' belly with the 10' floater and 5' T-14 tip. For deeper runs, use the 5' floater and the 10' T-14 and for really getting down, run the 15' T-14 right off the belly section.

To add a little spice, Rio Big Boys, Airflo Custom Tips, standard 15' tips, and Polyleaders can also be used. However, the standard recipe of T-14 and Windcutter floater should satisfy most appetites.

Bon Appetit
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