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Double Haul Tool

I found this while looking for New Zealand info...anyone ever try it?

Hi All,

Quite a wile ago I mentioned I had made a tool so that anyone could learn to Double haul by themselves in a very short time.

Well this is what I made.

I went to my local department store and bought several different types of elastic from the Fabric department. Its the stuff with a braided thread coating so that it only stretches so far and then becomes rigid. Its the same stuff that you get in the Bottom of outdoor jackets so you can pull the botton tigher.

You can get various thicknesses but I found the thinner (2mm) stuff to be perfect.

Ok, next you need a squash ball. Cut off one quarter as if you were chopping the top off an egg or slicing a tomato this gives you the right weight for a 7/8 weight rod. Put a hole in the ball with a skewer directly in the middle at the other end to where you cut it off and stick a fishing swivel through the hole with something tied to the swivel so that it doesnt come through the hole. Superglue the swivel in place.

Depending on the elastic you bought you will need between 5 and 6 meters. any longer and it will not reach its elastic limit, any shorter and it will reach the limit too soon.

Next tie the elastic to the swivel in the squash ball (I used a snap catch so I could take the ball off and use different weights).

Hey presto! You have a Double hauling tool.

To use it thread the elastic through the rod and hold the end.
Lay the ball on the ground in front of you and start with the elsastic straight. Pich up the hall with a smooth back cast and haul at the same time.

*you want to use a side cast and you want to swing the ball UNDER the rod*

The idea is similar to a bat and ball with elastic. As you build up a rythm you will feel when it its time to haul.

If you haul at the wrong time the ball will just fall. If you haul at the right time the elastic will reach its elastic limit and will fly forward and feel *exactly* like a loop unfurling, it will also take the same time to stretch as a loop takes to unfurl.

When the elastic is at its maximum stretch just start the stroke again. You will soon be casting it back and forth with a perfectly times haul and a very smooth stroke.

The incentive for getting this right is quite good. If the ball hits you... it hurts

As you bring in the drift the whole thing gets as smooth as silk and you end up with a very smooth action that you will be completely addicted to

Make sure you start with an old 7 weight rod. If the ball hits the rod it isn't going to be pretty Once you have the hang of it and are swinging the ball back and forth under the rod, get the good stuff out.

I gave it to a complete beginner and she taught herself to double haul in about 5 minutes using it as if she were using a bat and ball on elastic.

Well, I'm on the Downeaster Alexa, and I'm cruisin' through Block Island Sound.
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